The separatist movements of Cabinda MIC and MLC, vehemently condemned the murder of a young 33-year-old Cabindais named Daniel Macosso, better known under the name of Dany, which took place in the early hours of this Saturday, March 6, 2021, in the territory of Cabinda, more precisely in its capital “Tchiowa”.

According to a statement from MIC, the barbaric crime took place at Bairro Comandante Gika at around 12.55am near the former Bar Kilala.

According to the sources contacted at the scene of the crime, it all happened when the victim, on behalf of Daniel Macosso, 33, single and father of 2 children, returning home after living with friends and being in the company of his girlfriend, stops to do the inevitable minor needs, while his girlfriend waited for him, two individuals of Angolan nationality appeared and identified themselves as soldiers of the FAA (Angolan Armed Forces) one was in uniform and the ‘other was dressed in civilian clothes, trying to entice the girl to have sex, enraged at the refusal of the young woman, they proceeded to the arrest of the unhappy young man, who turned to them to ask for explanations, but he was immediately brutally attacked by the prevaricator Mauro Raúl Neto, seconded to the Ntó barracks, from the province of Nzeto in Zaire who mercilessly drove a bayonet into the chest of the victim who ended up dying in hospital Central Cabinda, noting that there was no chance of receiving medical care because the failure was under the influence of alcohol.

These types of crimes are recurrent in Cabinda, committed by men in green uniforms, recently a Cabindan citizen was beaten on Tchizo hill by a military officer of the Angolan Armed Forces (FAA) due to his sister refusing them. advances demanded by one of his collaborators, an organ of the Angolan state.

Will this crime go unpunished like many others? In Cabinda, FAA personnel own all the reasons and truths.

We demand the responsibility of offenders for this barbaric crime. Because no one has the right to take anyone’s life unless it is God’s will. One more soul that’s gone, one more voice that’s forever silent.

Rest in peace Daniel Macosso.

Cabinda, March 7, 2021