The Cabinda State Liberation Front – Armed Forces of Cabinda (FLEC-FLAC) accused the Angolan Armed Forces of launching a “military operation against a group of unarmed civilians” in the territory of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), and during which six people were killed.

In a statement sent to VOA on Friday, 2, the independence organization reveals that four of the victims were beheaded.

Civilians were suspected of being FLEC-FAC soldiers and were attacked near the border of Yema-di-Yanga and Mbaka-Khosi in the Kakongo sector in Kongo-Central province on Thursday, 1, according to the note.

The village of Kinkiama is suspected of being the rear base of FLEC-FAC, according to the Angolan authorities“, says the military high command of the FAC that “denounces the incursion of Angolan soldiers into Congolese territory, under the pretext of hunting the FLEC soldiers from Cabinda “.

The organization reiterates, however, that it has no DRC base.

The Government of Angola did not react to the complaints, as it has always done when FLEC-FAC issues communications on fighting in Cabinda and on the border with the DRC.

Source : VOA Portugues