You that I cradled in my arms, for my pleasure, to fall asleep,

Catherina Gieskes

Here you are today at the dawn of a new life, which you have been able to choose,

Your learning and requirements instilled to arrive at wisdom,

Were hard and bitter, filled with love but no regrets.

The misery endured by long walks in the forest,

Sometimes barefoot, ceaselessly fleeing from affronts and wars,

Tears etched like wiped away rains,

Have changed your soft skin and

Your eyes since, have jets of light filled with force.


Woman You endured, Woman You became,

Woman You created,

Woman You have built with relentless work,

A plinth of brass, love, and courage,

Hence this courageous, patient and hopeful people arose.

Woman, when peace as a gift is given to you,

We will all be there to support you, to escort you, to worship you.

Finally, hold you tight in our aged arms, no doubt,

And for all this journey, RESPECT.

Catherina Gieskes