José Sumbo said the President wanted to find a solution

The general of the reform of the MPLA José Sumbo assured during a press conference in Luanda that in the coming days there will be news for the final resolution of the problem in the province of Cabinda.

This former member of the government of Cabinda was received in audience on March 10 by the President of the Republic João Lourenço, did not want to advance the details of the conversation between the two, but guaranteed that the head of state had all interest in resolving the enclave problem once and for all.

I was received by the president, we discussed and I saw no disinterest in solving the problem of Cabinda in him, I saw in him a person anxious to find a definitive solution to the problem of Cabinda“, did he declare.

Asked how best to solve the problem of Cabinda, the general replied that “the vast majority of Cabindans defend the independence of Cabinda vis-à-vis Angola, another party is divided, some want autonomy and another wants to keep things as they are “.

I defend that all scenarios are at the negotiating table with an inclusive dialogue“, concluded José Sumbo.

Manuel José, VOA