The African Development Organization (OAD) organized from 21 to 24 October 2019 the intercabindea meeting that brought together various political organizations, associations and independent staff from Cabinda at the Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Centre (KAIPTC) based in Accra/ Ghana. Participants were successfully trained in the course of good governance and conflict resolution.

After three days of dialogue between delegates of various opinions from around the world and under the auspices of the African Organization for African Development (OAD) together with KAIPTC, the conclusions and recommendations of the meeting follow below:

1 – There is an urgent need to create conditions for peace in Cabinda, putting an end to the conflict between Cabinda and the Angolan Government that has been going on for more than forty years;

2 – Creation of the Cabinda High Council with the mission of bringing together the different political trends of CABINDA, including those absent at this meeting. The objective is to prepare conditions and create negotiating mechanisms with the Government of Angola.

3 – The High Council of Cabinda (ACC) was created, a President elected unanimously, in the person of Father Félix Roberto Cubola Kinyumba, in the plenary of the consultation assembly and will be supported by three Vice-Presidents, a Secretary-General and Speciality Committees.

4 – There should be the prioritization of inclusive reconciliation, because the plenary of the Assembly recommended to the High Council of Cabinda, now created, to demonstrate its readiness to include all the sensitivities involved in the process.

5 – Finally, the participants of the intercabindea meeting thank:

  • The host country authorities who have agreed to host the event and provide an appropriate structure for this meeting;

  • KAIPTC authorities and trainers for their commitment to the ideals of peace and human rights and for their commitment to our leadership and training in good governance and peaceful conflict resolution.

  • The President of the OAD, Bonaventure Castro AGUISSI, President of the Mediation Team, Professor Edward S. AYENSU, Lawyer Kojo BOTSIO and all the other members of the organizing team for facilitating this meeting and creating the material and psychological conditions of its success.

Done in ACCRA, on October 24, 2019.


Father Felix Roberto Cubola Kinyumba