Youth is a subject with unique values, virtues, behaviors, worldviews, interests and needs, with the right to dreams and aspirations to be realized with the strength of will. To be young is to be immersed in a society with transitory processes, starting from a new established family, political and social situation. It is therefore about being in the midst of concepts and ways of reading the large and diverse world.

As Karina Penha says, it is in the transformations, physical and behavioral, that occur in the lives of adolescents that the power of the will to change resides. “Young people are strong, connected to everything that is happening in the world and have incredible energy. When they decide they want something, they go all the way. Bringing the voice of young people and all its diversity into spaces of dialogue and decision-making means enabling the protagonists of today to speak about their own experiences and stories and to ensure that they are heard ” .

For this reason, I think it is essential to sensitize young Cabindais in the spirit of true associativism and not of exploitation … because from generation to generation, the associative movement of young people reinvents itself to meet the needs, goals and interests of young people.

If we do not demand more from governments, including a voice in decisions that affect our lives, our future is uncertain.

For this, there is an urgent need to awaken the consciousness of our youth, an awareness which results in a state of knowledge, perception, honesty, revealing the notion of stimuli around an individual who confirms his existence.

Through the Young Conscious Movement, a space can be created to bring together young Cabindais and others, concerned about their destiny in order to reflect, while respecting the difference of ideas, opinions and impartiality on the challenges of our Cabindaise society in all dimensions, seeking to make this social layer aware of the important and essential role to play in determining a better future.

Eduardo Simão Moreira Rodrigues, Jurist and Assistant Professor at the Natural University of Cabinda

Coordinator of the Legal Affairs Commission of the High Council of Cabinda