It has been a month since our compatriots were arrested by the Angolan invading force for calling for the Sincere and Inclusive Dialogue and the ceasefire in Cabinda.

FREEDOM FOR OUR COMPATRIOTES Engineer Maurício Gimbi, UCI President, André Bônzela and João da Graça Mampuela, both from the UCI Political Bureau.

Every night I think of Liberty for Cabinda and every morning I hope my land is free from all oppression. It has been four weeks since the leaders of the UCI – União des Cabindais pour l ‘Independence of Engineer Maurício Gimbi, André Bônzela and João da Graça Mampuela were unjustly arrested by Angolan security.


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Recall of facts

MPLA regime continues arbitrary detentions in Cabinda

As reported today by the Union des Cabindais pour l’Indépendance – UCI, were arbitrarily arrested this Sunday morning June 28 at 8:30 am sharp, Maurício Gimbi and André Bonzela, President and Vice-President members of the UCI in the Buco N´goio region by agents assigned to the Angolan defense and security organs stationed in Cabinda.

These forces accuse the members of the UCI detained today of having led a group of young people who, in the middle of the night, posted posters on various streets of the city of Tchiowa. From what has been uncovered, the posters call for an end to hostilities between the Armed Forces of Cabinda-FAC and the Angolan Armed Forces-FAA and also called for the peaceful resolution of the continuing conflict in Cabinda.

For this reason, after their arrest (Maurício Gimbi and André Bonzela also known as AB Gladiador), they were taken to the dungeons of the criminal investigation services – SIC in Cabinda (in inhuman conditions), located near of Nissan-Cabinda, where they will spend the night and unfortunately, any visit was refused by their lawyer and the police authorities claimed it was Sunday.

The UCI also states that Maurício and AB Gladiador, “were severely beaten” while in detention by SIC and Rapid Intervention Police – PIR personnel.

Maurício Gimbi was arrested for the first time along with more than 60 separatists from Cabinda on January 28, 2019 as he tried to organize and participate in the Pacific March in reference to the 134th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Simulambuco, as well as to protest against Angolan colonization and in favor of Self-determination and the independence of Cabinda.

Following this arrest, Maurício and other members of the UCI and the MIC were, on February 5, 2020, formally charged with the crimes of the Criminal Association; Indignation at the Association of the State and the criminals by the PGR of Angola, according to the indictment note to which we had access.

The problem of Cabinda is political, the thousands of FAA soldiers stationed in the territory do not contradict our thesis. If there is a strong Angolan military presence, arbitrary arrests and human rights violations, Cabinda should now be considered a territory occupied militarily and illegally by Angola. As it is and has been since 1975.

It should also be recalled that eight members of the MIC who were held in the cells of the Criminal Investigation Service (SIC), who, imbued with a nationalist and independence spirit, recently tried to release Ipiranga’s cry for the referendum for self-determination of the people of Cabinda, on December 10 of last year.

In the territory of Cabinda, it was now and always like that to see the strengthening of the defense and security forces by the Angolan authorities. Where the young Cabindais have become a target to strike, like today’s victims Maurício Gimbi and André Bonzela, all fruit.

The escalation of “military tension” between FAC and FAA personnel in the territory of Cabinda, which has been triggered since June 4, following the violation of the UN ceasefire by the Angolan Armed Forces, which brings peace and international security to Central Africa.

The Security Council of the United Nations-UNSC, must urgently call on the parties to resolve the dispute peacefully and above all urgently recommend to the Angolan executive, led by President João Lourenço, to abandon its policy of violence, repression and oppression against the people of Cabinda.

War, oppression and repression cannot continue to be the last resources for peace in Cabinda!

The territory of Cabinda is a Portuguese protectorate, as established in the Treaty of Simulambuco, signed in 1885, and is not an integral part of Angolan territory.

Since the resumption of military tensions between the FAC and the FAA which predicted a grim scenario for the territory of Cabinda, we have warned that there could be an increase in the oppression and repression of the Angolan authorities against the separatists of Cabinda. taking into account the fact that a delegation that includes members of the Angolan defense and security organs, he worked in Cabinda, from June 7 to 15, this is why we are again calling for caution to the independent movements of Cabinda, both internally and in the diaspora.

Source : Mbembu Buala, text by José Kabangu