The body of Damião Gomes Mabiala, is still in Morgue of the hospital “da Alzira da Fonseca”, without date of the funeral. Because the municipal commander of Buco-Zau, Tony Kuala, in collaboration with the SIC Cabinda, representative of the deputy provincial director of the economic zone, Mr. Pembele agreed to carry out the autopsy on August 4, 2020, without the prosecutor’s statement. provincial in which the family applied on July 30, 2020.

Even so, the referred autopsy was performed by a forensic pathologist named Rogeiro, in the absence of the family and their lawyer, Dr Arão Tempo.

It is to highlight that :

Two (2) agents of the national police assigned to the municipal command of Buco-Zau caused the death of a citizen named Damião Gomes Mabiala, 25, in the forest of Mbuli, village of Binga, municipality of Buco- Zau, while mining for gold, on the Luali River at the mouth of the Luetshi River on July 25, 2020 at noon.

The two agents in question were following two (2) staff members of the company TELESERVICE SA – Private Security and Services, who work in the company Mineração Luali, when they met Damião Gomes Mabiala and Paulo Inácio Venâncio Teco residing in the village mentioned above. above, when they fired two shots with a gun, of the type, Mini usage. The colleague having escaped, then heard the cries of Damião Gomes Mabiala, « ouch ! My mother, ouch ! My mother », who realized he was fatally injured. Damião Gomes Mabiala had fallen into the water, to a depth where the water reached above his waist. The four staff (4) carried him with their hands for a distance of about two kilometers (2 km) on foot, then called a driver who took him to Alzira da Fonseca / Buco- hospital. Zau, where hours later he lost his life.

The four (4) members of staff claimed not to have fired shots that killed the citizen, only, it was to disperse them.

According to staff, the cause of death is linked to the accident against a peduncle that pierced the right side of the stomach near the navel area, causing swelling on the left side of the same area, as it ran away.

After statements from the four staff members, the family requests that an autopsy be performed, which led to the annulment of the burial on July 29, pending the results of the autopsy to find the burden of proof.

Cabinda, August 21, 2020