Never lose faith in humanity, for it is like an ocean which, by containing a few drops of dirty water, does not make it entirely dirty.” We use these words of Mahatma GANDHI to project our reflection today, on the occasion of the first anniversary of the HIGH COUNCIL OF CABINDA.

During its first year of life, the HCC experienced no less frightening storms, which even threatened its existence. It took a significant dose of dedication and steadfastness from its membership to get us to where we are today and now. The future will depend on what we do in the present and, for this, we cannot lose hope in our convictions to move forward, we must stop repeating history, but rather make a new one.

November 8, 2020 is once again a historic date for Cabindan nationalism because – in addition to marking the start of the armed struggle of the Cabindan people for their freedom – it is the day when the HIGH COUNCIL OF CABINDA “officially” settles down. on the national territory.

Designated as Territorial Structure, the HCC has existed in Cabinda since its founding in Accra, Ghana, in October last year. A year later, the HCC finally established its roots within the territory on the occasion of the celebration of its 1st anniversary and the 45th anniversary of the existence of armed resistance in the territory of Cabinda.

The event was marked by the swearing-in of members of the Territorial Directorate of the High Council of Cabinda in the presence of several guests, who are mainly political figures of the resident nationalist movement and representatives of the Angolan opposition political parties, domiciled in Cabinda.

Everything took place in an atmosphere of tranquility and brotherhood. We therefore thank all those present, in general, and the management of HCC-Cabinda, in particular, for the success of this event.

Finally, we believe that no country has ever risen from its ashes without having gone through a baptism of fire.

Long live the HCC, long live Cabinda.

Matondo bene.

Speech by the HCC Territorial Representative in Cabinda, Madalena Destino


Ladies and Gentlemen, Distinguished leaders of the movement claiming the right to self-determination of Cabinda !

Ba yaya,

First of all, I would like to welcome you to my humble residence, and may your prompt response and your willingness to accept our invitation, above all, constitute a sublime honor for our organization.

Zinkomba ziami (my dear brothers and sisters), the ultimate end of this act, in which you have been invited to participate, is the celebration of the first anniversary of the creation, in ACCRA – Ghana, of the HIGH COUNCIL OF CABINDA – HCC, an organization whose sole purpose is to bring together all the political organizations of CABINDA in order to build a consensus on the political future of CABINDA.

However, we take the opportunity to combine this sublime moment with the opportunity to officially present those who have been entrusted with the noble mission of leading the HCC at the territorial level, at CABINDA.

Since we are in the month of NOVEMBER, we would also like to greet all the sons and daughters of CABINDA, who are unforgettable heroes, who from an early age, on NOVEMBER 8, 1975, took up arms to fight the neocolonialist claim of Russian, Cuban, Catanguesa and FAPLA coalition to submit our great Nation, which is called Cabinda.

Therefore, I invite you, with all due respect, to stand up so that we can observe a minute of silence in memory of all those who have fallen on their mission to courageously seek the prosperous future of CABINDA.

Aieee Bana ba Macongo, Mangoyo ai Maloango !

Recalling the high patriotic spirit which pushed the founding fathers of the CABINDESE revolution to affirm that the Portuguese government of the time respected the protectorate assumptions of CABINDA, we must call for a reflection on:

a) What is the essence of the CABINDESE revolution !

b) What drives us to this revolution !

c) What are the premises to achieve the objectives of the CABINDESE revolution !

In conclusion, I would like to appeal for the unity – nfiengu mpuku, mbembu mueka – of the organizations, their leaders and all the common children of CABINDA, which is an essential force in the realization of the noble political aspirations of our dear people. .

Thank you all.