It was another of the MPLA’s promises, in these times of globalization and globalization after so many other ideological promises such as: “The MPLA is the People and the People is the MPLA.” And like: “The most important thing is to solve the People’s problems.”

Of all these ideological-electoral promises, the People were in no way contemplated, considered or heard and respected in their opinion, as Sovereign first. I hope that if you are lying on adventure that someone can use the right of adversary or opinion. And so we will move on to democratic and open debate. The challenge is launching.

At this moment when everyone, in Angola and in the whole world, waited with a major Angolan renovation or modernization and “agiornamento” of the MPLA, nothing happened as a Fable of Fedro said. ” Mons parturiens… At ille peperit murem… ” This is the sad reality in Angola in general and in Cabinda in a particular way. The real opinion is that the much-declined President José Eduardo Dos Santos misses the Angolan people very much, to the point that the people want his return to the command of the Republic. In reality, it is said: “What was good got worse and what was bad is terrible.” The current MPLA, as well as its President and President of the Republic, regrettably disapproved even with its ideology of fighting with the “Marimbondos” because it promised that with: “… With the million people nobody can win …”

The socio-economic and political reality proves the opposite of everything he did as propaganda, he would say an electoral promise. Everything is terrible about all plans to the point of not finding government stability within the MPLA. In a few years the government has changed more than twice, why ?! That questions them, as the English say.

The time has come for all Angolans to understand that the “good of the whole Angolan Nation” is at stake and not the fanaticism of a Party that can no longer treat Angolan disease or pathology. The medicine “MPLA” has expired. Let us look for another medicine for the good of Angola. May the Angolans, Sovereign, first take their responsibilities for their own good. Enough of suicidal fanaticism. We fear the responsibilities because our future and all our future are at stake. Saying this is an inalienable and even constitutional right. The truth must be told and whoever has, in the use of their freedom, coexistent, contrary arguments can obviously use the right of the adversary and the answer. And anyone who wants proof can ask for it and I will give some examples.

May the democratic and lawful state live

Cabinda, on 23 June 2020.

Father Félix Roberto Cubola Kinyumba