Cabindais activists living in Luanda (the letter has already been delivered on 12/01/2021).

We, civic activists, defenders of human and peoples’ rights, intend to organize a demonstration under article 47 of the Constitution of the Republic of Angola (CRA), in accordance with the duty to information imposed by the rule of article 6 of law n ° 16/91 of 11 May (law on the right to assemble and demonstrate). Angola being a country in solidarity with the oppressed peoples and under the terms of article 12 of the Constitution of the Republic of Angola (CRA), line c: (Angola respects the right of peoples to self-determination and independence), line d: (Angola is a country seeking a peaceful solution to conflicts).

We informed, through this communication, to the provincial government of Luanda, that on February 1, 1885, in the town of Simbulambuco, a treaty known by the same name, between the Portuguese crown and the princes of Cabinda, which made this territory is a Portuguese protectorate. In commemoration of this date, an act of protest under the motto “Cabinda cannot continue to be a mere gold mine” will take place on February 1, 2021, which will take place between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m., in front of the embassy of Portugal in Angola, because we believe that Portugal is the main cause of the war and misfortune in Cabinda, for not having fulfilled its obligation to protect Cabinda against any invasion, as determined in the signing of the Treaty of Simbulambuco and for having attached Cabinda as an integral part of Angola, in the failed Alvor agreements (Portugal), without consulting the Cabindans.

This event will have as main requirements :

1-Demand the end of the war in Cabinda.

2-Demand that Portugal bring the case of Cabinda to the United Nations and the European Union, in order to find a definitive solution.

3-Demand that Portugal accept the mistakes of the past.

4-Demand the unconditional and immediate release of all political prisoners in Cabinda.

Signatories :

1-Makosu Sita

2-Saimon Claver

3-Laurindo Mande

4-Oscar Tutorial

5-Jaime MC

6-Ricardo Ussopa