Cabinda Liberation Movement (MLC) reacts on the speech by angolan President João Manuel Gonçalves Lourenço directed to the Organization of the United Nations on the occasion of the 75th session of the united nations general assembly, which celebrates his 75th anniversary.

Excellency Mr. President of the Republic of Angola Dr. João Manuel Gonçalves Lourenço, it is with honor that the MLC comes to congratulate the effort invited by Excellence to show the world its skills and competencies in presenting a beautiful speech at the highest institution in the world that it is the headquarters of the United Nations.

The MLC, followed closely its pronouncement that the fact is inclined to solve the serious problems related to the country and the resolution of conflicts existing in Africa, giving the United Nations (UN) greater responsibility in order to carry out the resolution of the same, for the MLC, he argues that the MPLA political party in power and which has been directing Angola for 45 years is exemplary in adhering to the opinion of Angola’s opposition political parties, namely CASA-CE and UNITA, that they also expressed their willingness to resolve the Cabinda’s problem through dialogue.

FLEC FAC, for its part, also did not fold its arms, thus once again taking a step forward in asking for UN intervention in the military political conflict that exists in Cabinda so that it launches a resolution process for Cabinda that could culminate in a frank dialogue. , open and comprehensive with the presence of the international community so that we can finally find peace and security in this region of central Africa.

The MLC has always noticed total resistance on the part of the MPLA to the question of Cabinda, which has shown a great inability on the part of the MPLA to seriously dialogue with the Nationalists of Cabinda, which obliges it to choose the war route and other machinery plans such as only alternative to end the Cabindenses and try to reign forever in our national territory of Cabinda. “There is no use talking about conflicts until you feel able to resolve them“.

Pandemic is another lesson that distracted governments have to wake up and solve the problems that most affect the African continent and beyond, we hope that this time President João Lourenço sees the Cabinda issue as a threat to his governance at the same time for the security of Angolan territory and neighboring countries whose border connections with the State of Cabinda. Before you came to power as Presidente d’Angola, you had already lived this existing dispute between Cabindenses and Angolans and that will never be a novelty for you, but the war in Cabinda has lasted for 45 years as a result of Angolan colonization and unwillingness by the MPLA for its resolution, MLC is a Cabindan political movement that fights for peaceful means, not opting for violence, thus prioritizing internal and external diplomacy and further promoting dialogue as the most viable way for us to really the end of the ongoing conflict in Cabinda.

The people of Cabinda are prepared to go to the negotiating table with the Government of Angola that occupies this Cabindan Territory because we no longer want war in Cabinda but we need peace and the Self-determination of the people of Cabinda. We look forward tirelessly to the good initiatives of the President of Angola, João Manuel Gonçalves Lourenço, in order to fulfill the desire of this people who need to live in a climate of peace and stability in their own land.

No more business to dissuade us at this point. We thank you immensely.

Political Bureau of the Cabinda Liberation Movement (M.L.C) in Cabinda, on September 23, 2020.