Cabinda separatists call on SADC to condemn province’s “illegal administration”

Lisbon – The independence movement of the Front for the Liberation of the State of Cabinda today called on the Southern African Development Community (SADC) to condemn and hold Angola responsible “since November 11, 1975, to illegally administer the state of Cabinda ”.

Source : Lusa

In a statement, “the government of Cabinda in the free zones of Cabinda, the Front for the Liberation of the State of Cabinda and the Armed Forces of Cabinda (FLEC / FAC)” hailed the success of the 40th Summit of Heads of State and Government of SADC, which takes place today, with the participation of the President of the Republic, João Lourenço.

The independence movement considered the SADC summit as “a forum responsible for the general political orientation and the monitoring of the functions of the community”, thus being “the supreme institution in the political decision-making of the organization”

In this sense, the separatists called for SADC intervention in the situation in Cabinda, which, according to them, as a result of the Angolan administration, restored “the independence of this territory of Central Africa, a former protectorate and colony of Portugal (1885-1933) not viable ”.

“We call on SADC heads of state and government to be impartial politicians and bastions of peace, justice, liberty, independence and human rights, condemning, the case where appropriate, colonialism or neocolonialism, armed violence and the plunder of natural resources, under unfounded political pretexts, condemning the colonialist and militarist policies of Angola in the political conflict of Cabinda, ”they refer in the note.

For the FLEC, “Angola’s occupation policy on the territory of Cabinda is a threat to the peace and harmony of the countries of Central Africa, in particular the neighboring Congo of Brazzaville and the Democratic Republic, systematically invaded by the Angolan Armed Forces – FAA, which does not even spare the Cabindese refugee centers, in pursuit of the resistance forces ”.

The note ends with the reaffirmation of “the permanent openness to an inclusive and honest dialogue on the politico-military conflict in Cabinda”.

The 40th Ordinary Summit of SADC Heads of State and Government is taking place today by video conference, under the theme “SADC – 40 Years of Building Peace and Security and Promoting Development and Resilience in the Face to global challenges ”.

Angola participates with a high-level delegation, headed by the President of the Republic, comprising the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Téte António, and other members of the executive.

According to a statement from the Foreign Ministry, the SADC summit is responsible for general policy guidance and monitoring of community functions, making it a top decision-making institution in the region.

The regional organization created on August 17, 1992 in Windhoek, the capital of Namibia, aims to promote economic and sustainable growth and development, reduce poverty, improve the quality of life of the people of the region and provide assistance. to the most disadvantaged.