The Cabinda High Council, created in October 2019, in Accra, based on the convergence of various political movements and civil society in Cabinda, has as main objective to seek peaceful solutions to the conflict that affects the people of Cabinda, through frank and open dialogue. honest with the Government of Angola, to guarantee the peace, development, well-being and human dignity of the people of Cabinda.

To consolidate this purpose, the High Council of Cabinda has already held meetings with political organizations, whether from Cabindan resistance or from Angolan political parties, namely UNITA, FNLA, PRS, Casa-CE in Cabinda and Angola, in addition to contacts with other civil society organizations, such as youth, the church and civic associations in Cabinda, those responsible for the Refugee Centers in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Republic of the Congo, as well as the Cabindeses scattered throughout the diaspora.

In these meetings, all unanimously defend the resolution of the conflict by peaceful means based on transparent dialogue and involving all the living forces of the Cabinda people.

In addition, the High Council of Cabinda visited several villages within the territory of Cabinda and the Refugee Centers, where it found the state of abandonment, the vulnerability of women and children at risk, in addition to the worsening conditions with the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic.

This pandemic constitutes the iceberg on the already precarious living conditions of the populations. These were not contemplated by any local government mitigation plan or by the various support provided by WHO, a situation that made families’ daily livelihoods a worse enemy than the pandemic itself.

Taking into account the above, the High Council of Cabinda urges, on behalf of the people of Cabinda, the Angolan, Portuguese authorities, the African Union and the United Nations to start negotiations between the Angolan authorities and the representatives of the people of Cabinda, without further ado, in order to restore freedom and human dignity to these people, to establish peace and to allow, development and well-being long postponed in the Territory.

Finally, it requests the Portuguese Government to, based on the historical responsibilities it has in the case, organize and mediate negotiations between the Angolan Government and the People of Cabinda, with the observation of the UN, AU, EU, OAD (African Development Organization), in order to ensure the credibility of the process and the respect of the peace agreement that comes out of it.


May 25, 2020