The month of June 2020 will forever be in the history of the struggle for the liberation of the Territory of Cabinda, taking into account what happened on 04, 06 and 07 that so thunderous, the echo was reflected in Central Africa, the world, and even the United Nations.

Despite the refusal of the Angolan authorities “as we have already known”, the world knows today that in the Territory of Cabinda, continuous stone and lime an organization “Armed Independentist” the Front for the Liberation of the State of Cabinda (FLEC-FAC) that through its armed arm Cabindesas Armed Forces, fight for the Self-Determination of the People of Cabinda.

The Cabinda State Liberation Front, Cabinsas Armed Forces FLEC FAC), announced a ceasefire on April 13 of this year, with the aim of facilitating the fight against the Pandemic of Covid-19, thus responding to the call, launched by António Guterres, UN Secretary General on March 23, which unfortunately was violated by the Angolan Armed Forces – FAA “Angolan government” on June 4.

This “FLEC-FAC” ceases fire, which has earned recognition from the United Nations (UN) by including cabinda’s independent organization in the range of the 16 Armed Groups that have acceded to the appeal of António Guterres, UN Secretary-General, thus recognizing by jury and in fact that in Cabinda there is rather an “Armed Conflict” whether low or high intensity.

Recognition that was made possible thanks to the diplomatic offensive carried out by José Ngoma Ndele, representative of FLEC FAC in Switzerland, at the offices of the United Nations (Palace of nations), based in Geneva, which in addition to having deposited the letter from the independents of Cabinda on the ceasefire, indicated by the spokesman of the organization, Jean Claude Nzita, José Ndele, headed a delegation of the organization that maintained (after the announcement of the ceasefire by the Cabinesa aramada) contacts with senior UN officials accredited in Geneva via video conference, where he had the opportunity to clarify the representatives of the UN Secretary-General on the real political and military situation in Cabinda. Moreover, to recall that flec fac’s political direction was officially informed in the first week of June about the UN’s assessment of its adherence to the ceasefire call, a source at the organization confirmed.

Cabinda’s sons “the patriots” were not indifferent to the recent events in the immortal homeland (Cabinda), a fact that led them to react afterwards.

Despite the insensitivity of some “children of Cabinda”, sipaios of the MPLA in wanting to refute the events, others have departed from the lies of the representative of the regime that continues to occupy illegally and militarily the “Cabinda Territory” and expressed the feeling that they are and will continue to be rooted in the soul of the Cabindans who love their homeland, to the detriment of the defense of any position or function in the apparatus of the Angolan State.

Source : Mbembu Buala