October 17, 2017, “Today is my birthday, I glorify the Lord, it is written The Rejected Stone becomes the main one of the corner.
Thank you to everyone for thinking of me
So be it ”
José Tiaba da Costa Nkuso

“Remember that Commander MOUCHOPO’s recognition is as sure as his memory! »Jose Da Costa Nkuso

“On November 8, 1974, only these young people have no memory, I was 22 when we started the battle for the liberation of Cabinda. My battle of Talubeca Prata Lukula, etc., I was there and never forget the valiant Cabinda sons who died on the battlefields for independence. We will never have the same vision of the people’s struggle.
Long live the Flec Fac
Long live our heroes
Only history will give us our dignity “
Nkuso Tiaba da Costa MOUCHOPO

“The Phoenix is ​​still reborn from its ashes”
Commander MOUCHOPO “

“No one can decide the fate of another! Alone, all POWERFUL !!!!! “
Commander MOUCHOPO from his position …. (José Tiaba da Costa Nkuso)

“To all of you comrades in Cabinda of the 6th Commando Battalion
Commander Mouchopo wishes you a good Sunday, far from the eyes, close to the heart
Peace on you “

El comandente mouchopo
Dentros dos secretos dos commandos nao combate estao avisado

“No no nothing, I don’t regret anything”
El cdt mouthopo

“My comrades, every man must die one day, but not all deaths have the same meaning”
El Cdt Mouchopo, the Cabindais