Hello, good afternoon, good night sons and daughters of Cabinda, depending on what time you watch this video !

Today, I am before you, on behalf of the High Council of Cabinda, to present to you the site www.altoconselhodecabinda.org which was born.

This website is a communication tool for and by the people of Cabinda through the hand of the High Council of Cabinda and you will find information on Cabinda and its people, its history and culture, its political situation and its dreams of to come up.

The space will bring you useful information and statements about Cabinda, written and made by Cabindans and non-Cabindans. We also consider this site as a place of culture and training, so you can collect information there that will enrich your knowledge on different subjects.

Space is for you and for everyone. So feel free to contact the site if you have something useful to share, either anonymously, if you wish, or with a subscription. We look forward to your contribution.

Also, as I said at the start, that I am presenting this site on behalf of the HCC. The vast majority of Cabindans have heard of this organization, which was established at the Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Center (KAIPTC), in Ghana, last year.

It is no secret that the intention of its creation was to bring together the forces of Cabinda to pool their intelligence, within the framework of unity in diversity, so that together we seek a solid and negotiated solution. to the problem of Cabinda.

However, it is no longer a secret that, after some organizations chose to stay out, the idea of ​​a unity of forces failed. But the High Council of Cabinda remains confident in the ideal of unity, whether structural or action.

Consequently, in the current circumstances and taking into account the respect and the consideration which it grants to all those who fight for the same cause, faithful to its ideals of union, the High Council of Cabinda defines itself as a Political Organization in Center, which connects extremes for healthy convergence and diversity, in order to keep alive the flame of a united Cabinda of Makongo, Mangoyo and Maloango.