Obscurely, but patiently, with the perseverance of passion, the High Council of Cabinda has existed and worked for many months, it has never ceased to repeat that it is addressed to the entire Cabinda people who today are ‘expresses through several sounds.

The High Council of Cabinda shouted it in its meetings and on its networks to spread its thoughts daily. The HCC has the duty to repeat that it has never appealed to a Party. Do you feel Cabindais ? Let us deal with the affairs of Cabinda from the point of view of the country’s interests alone. This is the only language we have spoken. It will be our everyday language. It is not about putting forward our personal preferences, our likes or dislikes, our inclinations or our wishes. We take what is in common between us – the homeland – Cabinda and we ask the reader to take the same fraternal point of view.

Neither the current nationalities of each other, nor the political nuance are important to us. The truth must advance in all circles. We know that there is patriotism everywhere and that reason can be heard everywhere. Whatever the differences in customs or ideas, there are higher principles and deeper communities of feeling, there the idea of ​​the struggle of egos or the struggle of Cabindais movements disappears. All our political conclusions derive from this fundamental principle: our Cabinda must live, and from this question, posed not by us, but by circumstances and events. How to preserve Cabinda from all the forces of multifaceted destruction ?

If any Cabindan patriot is brother or sister to us, if any serious idea seems worthy of examination and discussion, we will make no quarter to ideas, to men or women, to the various movements of any nature whatsoever, who are conspiring against the interests of Cabinda.

Our political truths are not drawn from any source of imagination which is personal to us. They live in the soul of our readers. The only thing that we can claim here is to have forced the Cabindais or the Cabindaise to discover deep down, their own thoughts and their own feelings raised to the maximum of lucid consciousness… this consciousness is CABINDALISM INTEGRAL, that is to say also EVERYTHING THAT IS CABINDA IS ours !