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The High Council of Cabinda (HCC) is the emanation of the will and collective intelligence of certain driving forces and cabindeses personalities to pool legitimate claims, for the right to self-determination of peoples, within a representative Assembly. and consultative in order to harmonize them through participatory, constructive and consensual dialogue.

The High Council of Cabinda (HCC) is made up of representatives of the Cabindian people, such as leaders and members of politico-military movements, leaders and members of associations and civil society organizations, leaders and members of Youth Movements, representatives of the Church, traditional leaders and independent figures of Cabinda.

The High Council of Cabinda is therefore a representative and consultative Assembly of the driving forces and individuals of Cabinda sharing the ambition and the will to resolve the conflict between Angola and Cabinda through dialogue for a lasting, just and dignified peace. It is an Assembly with the ambition and the will to train its members on the values ​​of democracy, tolerance and governance through programs advocated by the Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Center (KAIPTC).

The HCC wants to be a real assembly for learning the virtues of dialogue, consultation, participation and good governance, to work and collaborate with all the Cabindaise forces on all possible contingencies on the future of the Cabinda : Independence, Autonomy or Special Status. This intrinsically depends on the peremptory attitude of the Angolan authorities to exacerbate tensions or to favor dialogue to resolve the conflict.

Objectives and Missions of the High Council of Cabinda

The High Council of Cabinda (HCC) has a territorial scope, from Miconge to Yema and from Massabi to Lucula Zenze, with a presence in countries where there is a considerable number of the Cabindaise Community, its delegations or representations will be opened by simple deliberation of the Board of Directors.

1. The main objective of the High Council of Cabinda (HCC) is to assume the destiny of the struggle of the Cabinda people, with a view to their self-determination. To this end, it is incumbent on the Council to bring together representatives of all the forces of Cabinda to deliberate on the political choices that the people want.

2. To achieve its objective, the High Council of Cabinda (HCC) conducts its activities according to the following parameters :

a) Mission and development plan of the High Council of Cabinda (HCC) : Work on the campaign to promote peace in Cabinda, mobilize, bring together and reach a consensus with all actors of Cabindan society in the search for peaceful solutions to the conflict affecting the people of Cabinda.

b) Operating policy of the High Council of Cabinda (HCC) : The High Council of Cabinda is an independent political organization. It aims to translate and transmit the deepest and most legitimate aspirations of the Cabindian people, also considered as a space for consultation, with the noble mission of coordinating the execution of the activities of the peace process for Cabinda.

c) Social responsibility of the High Council of Cabinda (HCC) : Its responsibility includes, among other things, activities aimed at including all Cabindans in the search for solutions to the politico-military conflict in Cabinda. It is also the social responsibility of the Council to create the conditions for providing humanitarian aid to the most deprived.

d) Mission of the Members of the High Council of Cabinda (HCC) : In order to find solutions to the conflict affecting the territory of Cabinda, the Members of the High Council of Cabinda (HCC) will analyze and propose solutions likely to bring the peace and development in the territory of Cabinda.

Negotiate and sign peace agreements, in concert with political and social actors from other political and civic organizations in Cabinda, ensuring their respect and strict application.

Guarantee the safe transition between the phase of struggle and that of governance, which will result from the agreements now concluded.

e) The organization and management of the High Council of Cabinda (HCC) : The HCC will enjoy, in its operation, financial independence, supported by the contributions of its members – movements and associations – and by the mobilization of resources and support from individual and collective donor members at national, regional and international levels, as well as with governments.

3. In pursuit of its objectives, the High Council of Cabinda (HCC) notably proposes to :

a) Set up a Peace Negotiations Commission for Cabinda whose constitution will follow the logic of that of the High Council of Cabinda.

b) Organize awareness campaigns with the national and international community, with the aim of listening to opinions through discussions and / or debates on topics relevant to the promotion of peace.

c) Create a website and pages on social networks to disseminate news, texts and relevant articles, which are an instrument of information, communication and permanent sharing between Cabindais and others interested in the activities of the High Council of Cabinda (HCC).

HCC organization chart
HCC emblem
Message of peace, expression of our will

HCC emphasizes the challenge of democratic learning, a bet for the future.

Courage, perseverance, determination… tolerance, hope, the future… peace, solidarity, fraternity… so many words, values, which resonate more than ever in our heads and in our hearts… strengthen our Faith in Life, Dignity and Freedom.

It is the mirror effect of the Beauty of our struggle, of the Strength of our conviction and of the Wisdom of our hearts and the minds of our ancestors. The HCC thus hoists the white flag of Peace.